A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

REM was created for the Dream Diary Jam 3

REM is an early in development Yume Nikki Fan Game

Explore the dreams of Juke as you find effects and events

Expect a few missing features and some bugs

How To Play

Sleep in the bed to start dreaming

Explore the Dream World and find Effects

Wake up to return to the bedroom in order to save and exit the game


Movement = WASD / Arrow Keys

Interact = E / Z

Use Effect = Shift

Effect Menu = Space / X

Wake Up = Q

Toggle Fullscreen = F

Toggle Control Type = Tab

Huge thanks  to Pyure for making the main title theme and a few other future tracks


REM v0.002 90 MB
REM v0.001a 55 MB
REM v0.001 54 MB

Development log

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